6 tips on floral selection that is sure to elevate your event

When it comes to planning a high-end event, it is important to pay attention to every single detail, from lighting to decor and, of course, floral arrangements. Flowers are not only beautiful and fragrant, but they also play a crucial role in setting the mood and ambiance of any event.

At L’élite Events, we have a passion for designing stunning floral designs that truly elevate our clients’ events. Our team of expert stylists work with only the finest florists to create arrangements that are both beautiful and memorable. In this article, we will share with you our top tips for choosing the right florals that will make your event truly unforgettable.

Tip 1: Use a variety of textures and shapes

When it comes to creating stunning floral arrangements, adding a mix of textures and shapes is crucial. Textures can be thought of as the way the flower or plant feels or appears. Some examples of different textures include the softness of petals, the prickliness of thorns, or the smoothness of leaves. On the other hand, shapes refer to the form or structure of a flower or plant. Some flowers have large, round blooms while others are more slender and tall.

Incorporating a range of textures and shapes into your floral arrangements can add depth and interest to your event design. For example, you could mix full, round blooms like roses with delicate, foliage like maidenhair fern. The contrast between the soft petals and the delicate leaves will create a visually interesting display that is sure to impress.

Tip 2: Incorporate seasonal flowers

Incorporating seasonal flowers into your event design is a great way to add a natural touch to your arrangements. Not only are seasonal flowers often more readily available and less expensive, but they also add a sense of freshness and relevance to your event. For example, if your event is taking place in the spring, consider incorporating flowers like tulips, daffodils, or lilacs. These flowers are typically in bloom during the spring and will add a burst of color to your arrangements.

Using seasonal flowers can also add a unique touch to your event. For example, instead of using traditional red roses for a Valentine’s Day event, you could use seasonal flowers like ranunculus or anemones. These flowers have a soft quality that can create a romantic and perfect ambiance!

Finally, seasonal flowers are a great way to be eco-friendly and support local farmers. By using flowers that are grown and harvested locally you are essentially reducing your carbon footprint and helping to support the local economy. This is a great way to show your guests that you care about the environment and the community in which you live.

Tip 3: Use unexpected color combinations

Using unexpected color combinations is a great way to make your floral arrangements stand out. Instead of sticking to traditional color palettes, experiment with bold and unique color combinations. This will add a modern and fresh touch to your event design. For example, you could use a combination of deep reds, oranges, and pinks to create a dramatic and vibrant display.

Another great way to use unexpected color combinations is to use colors that complement each other, but are not typically seen together in floral arrangements, such as blue and green! This will surely create a unique and eye-catching display that will make your event stand out from the crowd.

Finally, using unexpected color combinations is a great way to reflect the theme or atmosphere of your event. For example, if your event is a summer garden party, you could use a combination of light blues, pinks, and yellows to create a fresh and cheerful display. This will help to set the tone for your event and make it feel special and memorable.

Tip 4: Mix Fresh and Dried/Preserved Flowers

A perfect blend of fresh and dried or preserved flowers can add a unique touch to your event design and bring both newness and timelessness to your floral arrangements. For example, you can mix a beautiful bouquet of fresh roses with dried hydrangea blooms or preserve garden roses.

Dried flowers offer a timeless and vintage feel, giving your event an elegant touch. Dried flowers are great for year-round use, so you can incorporate them into your event design any time of the year. They are also an excellent option for outdoor events, as they are more durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. And of course, dried flowers are an eco-friendly option!

Fresh flowers, on the other hand, are a perfect choice for indoor events and are ideal for adding a sense of newness and a lovely fragrance to your event. There is a wide variety of fresh flowers to choose from, so you can select the perfect type of flower to match the theme of your event. Fresh flowers are a great option for events that are happening in the spring or summer, when flowers are in full bloom.

When you blend fresh and dried or preserved flowers in your floral arrangements, you add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your event.

Tip 5: Use a Mix of Large and Small Blooms

A mix of large and small blooms can create a dynamic and visually interesting display. The contrast between large and small blooms adds depth and dimension to your floral arrangements. This is because the eye moves from one bloom to another, creating a visual journey through the arrangement. Additionally, the different sizes of blooms provide a textural contrast, making your floral arrangements even more eye-catching.

Incorporating a mix of large and small blooms also helps to make your floral arrangements look more natural and organic. Flowers in nature come in all sizes, and when you mimic this in your floral arrangements, you create a more natural look.

Tip 6: Incorporate Non-Floral Elements

Incorporating non-floral elements into your arrangements can be a subtle yet impactful way to elevate your event’s design. There are a multitude of options to choose from, such as incorporating branches, leaves, fruits, or even herbs and spices. The goal is to add a unique touch that can make your arrangements stand out and add depth to your overall design.

For example, if you are creating an arrangement for a wedding, you might consider incorporating branches of cherry blossoms, which symbolize good luck and happiness. Or, if you are designing an arrangement for a baby shower, you might choose to add fruits like lemons or limes to add a pop of color and complement the overall color palette.

Another great option is incorporating herbs and spices, such as lavender or rosemary, into your arrangements. Not only will they add visual interest, but the fragrance will also enhance the overall atmosphere of your event.

Floral selection can greatly impact the success of an event, and with these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating stunning arrangements that will truly elevate your event. Whether it’s incorporating a mix of textures, utilizing seasonal flowers, experimenting with bold color combinations, or adding non-floral elements, the goal is to make your arrangements stand out and add depth and dimension to your overall event design.

Remember to have fun and let your creativity shine, but also be mindful of your budget and what will work best in your event space. When in doubt, consult with a professional event designer who can guide you in making the best decisions for your event. With a little planning and attention to detail, your floral arrangements are sure to be a memorable and impactful aspect of your event.

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